Affordable New Home Builder Naples, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers , Golden Gate Estates FL

Why is Building Better in Southwest Florida? I often hear people talking about their house buying plans and so often it only seems to center around finding a pre-owned home that will fit their needs. Wake up people! Why on earth would you try to make an existing home fit your needs when you could […]

Why Choose ADB Homes, LLC, As Your “AFFORDABLE” New Home Builder • As affordable new home builders, ADB Homes, LLC has built over 1500 new homes in Southwest Florida, (SWFL), from Naples to Northport. We have over 28 different homes from which to choose, with our smallest home being a 1127 A/C sq. ft., 3 […]

Why Use a Tie Beam and Not a Bond Beam in Your Affordable New Home It’s said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”! Look at these photos of a tie beam and a bond beam and you decide. Our Structural Tie Beam Their Bond Beam Since we build and live in SWFL (Hurricane […]

TYPICAL CONCRETE BLOCK WALL SECTION The attached drawing shows the typical construction of a hurricane resistant wall used in construction of “AFFORDABLE” new homes that are built in Hurricane prone Florida. A 3-course concrete block stem wall is placed upon the Engineered Concrete Foundation with embedded #5 steel rebar. The number of courses of concrete […]

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There are a few steps to consider when making the decision to build your own home. Step One Choose a Builder There are a wide variety of home builders in Southwest Florida, so do your homework and check them out just like you are researching the best car to buy. Talk to other people, check […]

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